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Carnival food delicacies are the retailers of Iranian, American, Brazilian nuts such as Pistachios in-shell or kernels, and also different types of dried fruits like Raisins, Dates and Dried Figs. Our retail venture is committed to deliver quality and consistency to our customers. Furthermore, we offer customized packages of dry fruits and personalized gift hampers to suit the celebrations of any event.

History and importance of dried fruits

The Mediterranean boasts of this centuries-old agricultural tradition because the early onset of cultivation in the Middle Eastern region which is rightly known as the ‘Fertile Crescent’ which is also modern-day Iran, Syria and Lebanon. It also covers parts of northern Egypt and southwestern parts of Turkey too. As the staple of any region is naturally also a product of the environmental factors, this is even more true for preservation of grapes and dates in the Mediterranean. Due to the climate of the region, dehydration or drying emerged as an initial form of food preservation. Fallen fruits would dry up under the merciless sun and they would be picked up by gatherers who would realize the effects of heat on these fruits and how it increases the concentration of sweetness in these fruit.

Going back in time, the earliest traces of dry fruits in recorded history can be found in the Mesopotamian tablets dating as far as 1700 B.C. Historians have discovered the existence of hundreds of recipes for dry fruits and how raisins and evaporated date juice was used as sweeteners. These recipes ranged from simple barley bread for the workers to sophisticated forms of cakes and honey for the elite and places of worship. The inscriptions were in cuneiform which was never the language of the layman, it is highly unlikely that these recipes were for the common people’s usage. Therefore, the only logical conclusion we can draw from their existence is that these recipes were recorded by scholars to document the culinary arts of the epoch. This makes sense as every culture attempts to preserve their most prized possessions for the future generations and the elaborate recipes with the rarest of rare ingredients point in similar direction.


One of the cheapest staple foods of the period was date because of it being immensely productive and abundant in the Fertile Crescent. This abundance was taken advantage of by the natives as early as 5000 years ago. Date palm was so integral to their culture that these have inscribed presence on the walls of Babylonian and Assyrian monuments and temples. The villagers valued it for its sweetness along with the fact that it was also used to varnish meat dishes and grain pies. Dates were also highly important for travellers because of the energy components and anti-fatigue elements.

Along with dates, figs were also valued possessions of Mesopotamian, Israeli and Egyptian cultures. They were so vital to them that some historians claim that figs were even more important dates. Similar to dates, images of figs can be found in the sculpted monuments and Egyptian tombs from that period. Going up north, figs were a common staple among the poor and elite in Greece and Crete.


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