Apricot (Turkish)


  • Chemical free
  • Premium Apricot
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening
  • Apricot is high in nutrient & low in calorie
  • Net Weight: 250g
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Dried apricots are an important source of carotenoids (vitamin A) and potassium.Dried apricots normally do not have any sugar added and have a low glycemic index.As well as fibre, dried apricots are a source of Vitamin B3 (3mg in 100g), Potassium (1880mg in 100g), Magnesium (65mg in 100g), Phosphorus (120mg in 100g), Dried apricots Iron (4.1mg in 100g), Copper (0.4mg in 100g) and Manganese (0.4mg in 100g).

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