Almond Cookie and Creme


  • Chemical free
  • Premium Almond Cookie and Creme
  • Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container and preferably refrigerate after opening
  • Cookies  and Crème bars with delicious cookie bits in crème and Whole almonds bars with the goodness of almonds
  • Net Weight: 250g
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Carnival Food Delicacies presents coated almonds with a dash of cookie and cream flavour. Sweet and warm in taste, they not only benefit your taste buds but also your digestive system.While the almond is often eaten on its own, raw or toasted, it is also a component of various dishes. Almonds are available in many forms, such as whole, slivered, and ground into flour. Almond pieces around 2–3 mm in size, called “nibs”, are used for special purposes such as decoration. Almonds are 4% water, 22% carbohydrates, 21% protein, and 50% fat (table). In a 100-gram (312-ounce) reference amount, almonds supply 2,420 kilojoules (579 kilocalories) of food energy.

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